My father had recently died, and it was time for me to grow up and earn money. I had a teaching job lined up, but I wasn’t feeling good about leaving Manhattan. I knew my dream of being an independent Film and Theater Director/Writer was within reach. I had just run out of time for now. I was busted flat in Manhattan. So, I came up with the only decision I could see that would keep me involved in the “Circus”.

I called the Woody Allen office and spoke to Bob Greenhutt. I told him I was a good photographer and could help him with Locations in Ocean Grove as I was also a Jersey Shore guy like him. And I knew the quirks and sensitivities of Ocean Grove, a Methodist town on the North Jersey Shore. This town did not allow liquor to be sold or to be in your body. That would be a severe threat to many film crews.

For some reason Mr. Greenhutt told me to come over to his office on West 57th that hot August day.

They say luck is being in the right place at the right time. I was lucky. And I thank my mother and father for their encouragement. My father was a home movie filmmaker and he always let me use his super 8 camera and his small editing machine. From home movies to the Circus in one generation. It was a giant step up for a kid like me.